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Is there something you want to Accomplish? A project? A Goal? That's your Mission! Now, what are you doing everyday day to get it done?

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Meet 1Do.Today

It enables you sift through the noise of the day and choose the single Most Important Thing (MIT) to do to achieve your goal! Visualise progress: don't break the chain! See what others are up to and give praise.

Set yout MIT everyday!

Set your MIT each day

Limited choice sharpens focus. Do 1 Most Important Thing everyday and harness the power of the Compound Effect. Always finish your entire to-do list. It's just one MIT each day. Anyone can do it!

See Progress to your DREAM!

See Progress to your DREAM

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” ― Bill Gates.
The Jerry Seinfeld “don’t break the chain” strategy can be easy to implement, and there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Praise, Share and Comment!

Praise and Share

“The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it.” ― Criss Jami
Share your Achievements! Share your Dones. Showing them to others will make you happy to motivate you continue on your success path. Enlist the support of the network. Harness the power of social accountability to keep you on track. Praise others and offer support.

What others are up to?

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What others think?

  • Can you have fun while working on your future?

    Definitely. It's time to have fun when you get things done! Tick-off your daily actions and tasks. Increase your scores, keep the streak going in your calendar. Get the satisfaction that comes with completeting your Most Important Task every day.

  • Why constrain tasks?

    To keep true to the single-tasking philosophy and to get you really prioritize the most important, then focus on just that.

  • What is Single-Tasking?

    Studies have proven that multi-tasking is not only an ineffective way to get stuff done, but it’s actually harmful for your brain, and get you stressed. Researchers concluded that chronic multi-tasking makes you incapable of quickly recognizing what is and what isn’t important to fulfill your objective. Focus on The One Thing!

  • What is The Seinfeld Productivity Method?

    Seinfeld’s key to success is consistency and persistence. This happens because our brains are attracted to consistency, and when we break that consistency, we break the whole pattern. Committing to never breaking the chain will, over time, habituate your brain to completing the task each day. Stop procrastinating. You know what... Seinfeld was right. And when I hear habit-forming advice from someone worth $820 million, I listen.

  • What is the Compound Effect?

    The compound effect is the strategy of reaping huge rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions. You cannot improve something until you measure it. If the nose of a plane is pointed just one percent off course when it leaves LA for New York, it will end up in Delaware once it gets to the east coast. You need a deep why for doing stuff. With a why that is meaningful enough, you will do almost anything. Small choices + consistency + time = significant results. Tracking your progress and missteps is key for long-term success.

    The Science of Small Wins to Motivate Big Accomplishments!

  • Why Social Accountability?

    Sharing your successes publicly may sound a bit narcissistic, but there’s a good reason to boast about your achievements. Studies have shown that publicly sharing your progress can actually help motivate you to accomplish your goals. It not only makes you more accountable, but it fills a need for social connection. Accountability is a huge factor in motivating us to cross items off our to-do lists. When no one is around to say anything about an incomplete task it’s easy to push it to the next day. Providing positive reinforcement. Sharing your progress with others often results in praise for a job well done. This positive reinforcement from your social network can motivate you forward to excel.

  • Why should I care?

    On a Mission to make people's lives AWESOME through a systematic approach towards ACHIEVEMENT. We are not a big company, and built this for our own needs first. Then thought it would help others also. If you are anything like me, 1Do will get you on track and you'll feel the pleasure of getting things done again.

  • Other Questions and Feedback

    If you have questions we didn't cover, we'd be happy to answer them. Drop an email, or find 1Do.Today on Twitter.
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