☑️📣👍 1Do Today

What are you doing today?

What's your Mission? What's the next step? See what others are doing.

Are you getting done what’s MOST important? Are you getting stressed out by this?

1Do.Today! Is an app that enables you apply the single-tasking philosophy and focus on what's important then incentivises by visualizing progress towards your Goals and get praise from others.
One single Most Important Thing (MIT) everyday.

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What's your dream? Are you actively pursuing it?

Is there something you want to accomplish? A project? That's your Mission!
Now, what are you doing each day to get it done?

Grow your Streak

Get Claps

Discuss it

Achieve your Mission

A few things you'll get

Satisfaction and that Accomplishment feeling

Always finish your entire to-do list. It's just one MIT each day. Anyone can do it! Studies shown that multi-tasking is an ineffective way to get stuff done, and gets you stressed.

Consistency in Action and Compounding of Results

The compound effect is the strategy of reaping huge rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions. To improve something you need to measure it.

Motivation and Positive feedback that creates a Virtuous Circle

Sharing your progress motivate you to achieve. Makes you more accountable, gets social connection, provides positive reinforcement.

⚠️WARNING: 1Do is very different, it is not for everyone but those who understand the power of Focus.
This is not another to-do app, nor does it try to replace them. It was born to help people who like me, are different and need to focus on what's important. Every day!
Its purpose is to drive you and keep you motivated to actually do your priorities consistently to build your Future, rather than managing tasks.

We're on a Mission to make people's lives AWESOME through a systematic approach towards ACHIEVEMENT.

Use Cases

✔️ Want to show your boss what you’ve done over the year: 🎯 use 1Do and download a report

✔️ Struggling with your to-do lists? Want to always see clearly what’s now, what’s next and avoid work overwhelm? 🎯 use 1Do now

✔️ Do you Like to keep is simple? Love clarity? 🎯 just use 1Do

✔️ Do you want to Start a habit? Work daily towards your dreams? 🎯 use 1Do

✔️ Do you want to Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower - tiny, easy actions daily that deliver 🎯 use 1Do and engage!

For the pleasure of Achievement:
As you go during the month use notes to add all your comments, learnings, roadblock encountered along the way. This way you’ll get a nice log of your time at the end of the month. Or whenever you export.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on!
What’s your MIT today? What you need to get done no matter what?

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If you have questions we didn't cover, we'd be happy to answer them. Drop an email, or find me 1Do on Twitter.
You can view the Roadmap, report Bugs or request Features here.
If you'd prefer to give Anonymous feedback on the app, you can do it here.

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